USA RN Licensing

Once you have passed the NCLEX exam, you will be considered an American nurse. But before you are given permission by the licensing bodies to sit the NCLEX-RN exam you must obtain authorization. This is to ensure that you are indeed a qualified registered nurse. This RN licensing can be a difficult process but we have the experts that can help make it a breeze!

Becoming a licensed RN in the have a dedicated licensing team comprised of law graduates and US Immigration Attorney’s, which will provide you with the solutions to ensure that you obtain your authorization to test as quickly, cheaply and as easily as possible.

Each of the different States in America has different licensing requirements – and many states will not allow you sit the NCLEX exam unless you have an SSN (Social Security Number). Because of this, many of the nurses who come to us have wasted many months attempting to license themselves through a state board that will not allow them to sit the exam – because they do not have the SSN.

US RN Licensing services that we provide

Will provide you complete assistance with the licensing process. This includes providing you with all the documentation required (a step by step guide) along with telephone and email support from our in-house licensing team. Your dedicated team member will keep in touch with you to ensure that your application is proceeding along smoothly, and that you are following all of the relevant steps.

They will also be able to advise you in obtaining transcripts from your school of nursing, provide you with the relevant numbers to contact with the US licensing boards, login to your account and ensure that all is proceeding correctly and help you find test centers near you, along with much more. This service will run 12 months – alongside your NCLEX online access. This should be plenty of time for you to study for the NCLEX exam and receive authorization to sit it.

Does that mean I am limited to Nursing in only certain US states – or the state I’ve been licensed through?

The short answer is no, you are not limited to working in the states which allows you to register without an SSN or the state you originally registered in and you can transfer the license to any US State. It is critical to understand that each state can endorse the license of a different state. So for example, if you wish to Nurse in the U.S. state of California (which requires an American SSN to nurse in) you could obtain your license through a different state which does NOT require the SSN and then use a very simple endorsement process to become licensed through that state.

Because there are only a handful of states that allow a foreign nurse to sit the exam, then it is highly recommended that you enrol with our company as we will be able to guide you through the legal issues. All of our licensing team are either law graduates or US Immigration Lawyers, therefore have the experience necessary!

Please note – our fees do not include the fees to the relevant authorities such (for example) the fee for the examination fees. These extra fees will not be paid to us, but only to the relevant authorities. We also cannot guarantee a successful outcome for your licensing application but we will do our best to ensure a favourable outcome.