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Welcome to Pass-NCLEX.com, a division of Nurses4America. Our company has a long, respected and established history in the US Nursing industry, having years of experience helping nurses immigrate and work in the United States

We’re extremely proud of our NCLEX-RN training course for registered nurses. It features an extremely high pass rate, and is easy to use and functions on a wide array of devices, including your smartphone and PC (as well as Apple Mac). You can even bring your stored test bookmarks with you between these devices! The NCLEX-RN Training software provides the logic behind answers, hints, glossary and much more.

Our experts will provide step-by-step assistance to nurses for obtaining approval to sit the NCLEX exam (known as the licensing process). Because each of the state boards have their own requirements it can be a tricky process to tackle yourself.

But, our legal experts will be on hand to ensure you don’t take a wrong turn and complete the applications quickly and efficiently so you can focus on studying using our course and passing the NCLEX exam.

Remember that passing this exam is a requirement for non US nurses to practice nursing within the United States of America. The moment you’ve passed the exam, you will be considered a registered nurse within the USA and can can starting looking for work in a State / city of your choice.

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We offer fantastic online NCLEX-RN training along with help and guidance with the licensing process. Our experience with the licensing process allows us to help you achieve your goals in the quickest and most efficient route possible. We break the whole licensing and NCLEX process down into manageable and simple steps with full assistance from a dedicated team of licensing professionals.

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If you have already enrolled with our NCLEX training (or with Nurses4America), then please login to our software by using the relevant links for our students. You can then enter your unique username and password that was emailed to you when you registered with us (or Nurses4America).