NCLEX Training Course provides our nurses with a world leading NCLEX training course. Our goal is to arm our nurses with the best possible chances of passing the NCLEX-rn exam the first time they sit it. Once you have passed this exam, you will be considered an American nurse and able to pursue a career in the United States as an RN.

We provide 12 months of access to our online NCLEX training program, which is compatible with virtually any device with an internet connection (including Windows based PC’s, Apple’s Iphone device and Android devices).

RN who is ready to study for the NClexYou will be sent a unique username and password allowing you to access your account from wherever you are. Best of all, you may return to your previous bookmarks from anywhere or any device.

For example, were you taking a Maternal-Neonatal Nursing test while you were on the way to work on the train, using your phone or tablet and then arrived and need to stop your study? No problem, bookmark the test, and return back to it when you can either on the way home on the same device, or why not wait until you’re sat at the PC. You will be able to simply login, type in the bookmark name and it will pop up right where you left off, seamlessly integrating your study.

You will also be emailed over an NCLEX course study guide and an instruction manual designed to guide you through on the use of our training program and the best study practices.

You will be provided immediate feedback via the application on your answers, along with the rationale behind them. This is along with a comprehensive glossary of terms, and various in program help functions.

As you progress through your learning, you’ll gain a fundamental understanding of the exam and be provided the logic behind answers should you answer incorrectly.

This software has been designed to recreate the conditions that nurses will face during the NCLEX-RN examination. Users will receive more than 3,600 multiple-choice and alternate format questions–covering 29 major topics in five major nursing categories.

Nurses love our Online NCLEX Training Course because:


• It includes alternate-format questions.

• The pre-tests, reviews, and tests give rationales for correct and incorrect responses.

• It includes a glossary with approximately 400 medical terms.

• The study aids are generated by a student’s performance on a test

• The additional features include a hints button, a client-needs category and subcategory for each question, and printing capability.

• It is simple to navigate

• If you utilise this program properly you have over an 80% chance of success for the first attempt at taking the exam.

• Online training

• Bookmarking facility

• Ability to use on multiple devices such as Android, Iphone and Windows PC’s without installation!

Start your NCLEX® preparation today with Nurses 4 America’s revolutionary NCLEX-RN training program.

Start your NCLEX® preparation today with Nurses 4 America’s revolutionary NCLEX-RN training program.