NCLEX Online Instructions

nurses4americaThe Nurses4America NCLEX-RN training application is simple to use, but is an extremely powerful study aid for nurses. Below is the basic instructions and study practices you should follow when using the program. When you enrol please note that you’ll be sent up to date versions of the instructions, along with other documentation (for example regarding licensing) so please check your email.

Logging into NCLEX Training:

Logging in to the training software is simple, follow the link provided to you in the welcome email, or simply type in to your browser address bar and press the enter. Once you’ve reached the front page, click on the image which says login (or, click on the login link on the bottom left corner).


Once you’ve clicked the login button, a box will appear asking for your username and password login details. These have been emailed to you in the welcome email; we recommend copying and pasting them in to the relevant boxes. Please remember, while copying if you occidentally drag in a stray character or space, your login may not work and you will have to reselect it.

Paste your login details in to the relevant boxes. If you’re using a private PC (such as one in your own home) it’s recommend you tick the “Remember my password” box, which will save you re-entering your password in the future. If you are using a PC in a public place (such as the library or at work) we recommend you don’t use this option, as it will allow others to use your login without permission and will likely cause conflicts with your own training in the future.entering-nclex-username

Recommended Exam Study Practices

One: Nurses4America recommends that you study 5 to 7 hours per week (although you do have 24 hour a day access for 12 months from the date you enrol with us).

Two: It is recommended that to pass the NCLEX Exam that you study each nursing topic in turn, for example under Fundamentals of Nursing you would study Basic Physical Care, then Basic Psychosocial Needs, and then Medication and I.V. Administration and so on.

Three: We recommend choosing either 75 or 150 questions at a time, although if you wish to select a number of questions between these two values (for example, 100 questions) you may do so.

Four: After you have studied a certain topic thoroughly, begin to use the TEST function and once you have scored at LEAST 70% twice in a row then move on to the next topic.

NCLEX Software Help

Provides detailed information on the program and the various features, if you have further questions after reading this document, we would recommend that you look through the help file.

Nursing Pretest:

Used to provide you an indication of which areas you are weaker in, and the areas you are already strong. 75 questions are presented randomly, with only the calculator function available to the nurse during the test. After you’ve finished the test, you can print your results if you wish, and further analyze any of your weaknesses so you may concentrate your studies on them.

Nursing Review:

The review allows you to choose specific categories to study, as well as a specific amount of questions. There is a hint button, and the program also provides you with immediate feedback on your answer.

We suggest starting with Nursing Topics under “Traditional and Alternate Items”.

Begin by choosing Basic Physical Care and then when you are confident with it, move down to the next selection until you have completed all things under Fundamentals of Nursing, and then move under Pediatric Nursing and so on.


After you have selected the topic and sub topic that you are interested in the software will then ask how many questions you would like to be asked during the test. As above, Nurses4America recommend between 75 and 150 questions (depending how much time you would like to study for that specific day).

You may choose your own amount of questions by clicking the radio button next to “Enter your own number of questions” and placing in whatever number you would like – for example 100 questions.

Please note that some sub topics are not as large as others, and may not have 150 questions under them.


Test provides the nurse with the most accurate way of gauging their performance in exam conditions. There are no study aids available, aside from the calculator, but adds several new powerful features. First, it allows you to bookmark your position in any test, using a password of your own choice. You may select which areas you wish to test yourself on, and after the test (with how ever many questions you’ve specified) is complete, you’ll be given the option to see how you performed in different areas, and also given a choice of going back and seeing the correct answers for any questions you missed out on.

You can enter any password you like, but someone else may already have it in use, Nurses 4 America recommend you choose password which is based on your surname. If bookmarks are not working, be certain that you’re using Internet Explorer. If you still have issues, please check it on a friends PC or a library system. Once you’ve entered your desired password, please write it down and then when you wish to return to the test please click the “Bookmark” button on the main page of the training software.


After you’ve complete the test, you have the option of reviewing the incorrect and correct answers, as well as being given a detailed overview of your performance on the exam. Clicking on “Review Incorrect” will give you the opportunity to see the question you’ve answers wrongly, and the logic behind those answers.

Using Bookmarking option:

On the NCLEX-RN test main menu, click on the ‘test’ option. The bookmark works only in the test environment.


Click on the subjects (or combination of subjects) that you wish to study..

Make your decisions on the nursing topics (any combination of topics and sub topics will work).

Select the number of questions you’d like in the test, either by selecting one of the pre-defined numbers or by entering your own.

If you find yourself running out of time, click on the bookmark button at the top of the application.


Choose a password that is unique PER TEST. Please note that Nurses4America do not set these up, and it is down to the individual nurse to create their password. Please also keep a copy of this password as we are not able to restore your passwords for bookmarks.  Once you click okay you will automatically be taken to the applications main menu.


On the main menu of the application, please click on the “bookmark” option. The following popup will appear:


Type in or copy and paste your password exactly how it was entered. This will then take you back to your test question.